KEAS - Kolimat Event Analysis System

KEAS (Kolimat Event Analysis System) has been created by Kolimat specifically for the classification, scoring and proactive improvement and modification of driving behavior, leading to fewer crashes and claims.

Limited security access, allow only the authorized Reviewer and manager to readily note;

keas0s1. Positive driver identification

2. Specific issues related to drivers, passengers, vehicle and surrounding environment that occurred during the event and behaviors that require change for reduced risk

3. Whether coaching the driver is required or not

4. When coaching was performed and completed, along with driver, supervisor, and management comments


keas1sDrivers’ improvement or regression in behaviors can be now monitored with 8 different standard visual reports. Provision for graphs to display the report information makes a very visual summary that would appeal to many fleets watching month over month and year over year trends and further differentiate the Kolimat product from competitors.




keas2sSince vehicles carrying passengers and emergency vehicles incur the highest insurance rates and are often subject to passenger/patient satisfaction/dissatisfaction, KEAS provides an additional score criteria. This scoring gauge is available independently of the driving event analysis (as defined above) to capture the essence of how a driver is doing in terms of the passenger experience and patient safety.



keas3sEvents downloaded from the Kolimat DTW 1.0 VEDR via the “DTW Manager” and imported into the KEAS, can be searched and filtered by a Date Range, Administration/Location, Individual Driver Name, Vehicle, Event Type and Status. Driving behaviors are noted and a uniform score is created for the event severity, therefore enabling the fleet to monitor frequency and severity by driver, the components of risk. KEAS software incorporates also many elements of good, general defensive driving skills that can be evaluated using the customizable software tools and scoring system.

It makes sense for most fleets to monitor behaviors with Kolimat USA’s new software- KEAS, which would save significant amounts of money compared to any other extremely granular, expensive and often unnecessary monthly fee services. Now you can invest minimum time and in-house resources without sacrificing change in driver behavior - the ultimate goal.


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